Together, We Can Get Through COVID-19

Our battle against COVID-19 highlights the importance of stronger, more proactive leadership, locally and nationally. Preparedness in our hospitals, schools, and public assistance programs has never been more critical. 

As your representative, I will continue to advocate for the essential funding and actions that are necessary to protect all members of our community. We need to stand together to support teachers, healthcare workers, business owners, and at risk populations. We need to take action today. We need to continue this community building into the future.

Online Screening Process

Step 1: Online Screening

Once you have gone through the online screening process and deemed “at-risk” you will receive a unique code and a phone number to call.

Take the Houston and Harris County Public Health self-assessment tool to see if you qualify for testing:

Step 2: Phone Consultation

Call the given number and complete phone consultation. If deemed “at-risk” you will be given another unique code and information of where to get your first test.

Step 3: Testing Facility

Proceed to the testing facility at your scheduled time. Be sure to bring with you a photo ID and other information as requested by your nurse screener.

You can call here at: 832-927-7575

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