Revitalizing Our Community

We must do all we can to make our community a place where businesses and families can thrive. As a resident of Huntwick, I see the vacant storefronts and the increase in graffiti and litter as I drive up and down Cypress Creek Parkway. This trend has to stop. My experience in economic development gives me the knowledge and hands-on expertise to support our existing businesses and to attract new entrepreneurship to our area. I know what it takes to see our economy grow, to help businesses stay, and to attract new opportunities for future jobs.

We can’t solve our problems if we don’t acknowledge they exist. To revitalize our neighborhoods, we need a leader who won’t shy away from pointing out what needs to improve, and who will get her hands dirty doing the tough work to clean up our streets and welcome new growth.

Ensuring Equal Access to Health Care

Quality, affordable health care should be the right of every Texan – not a privilege for a select few. No one should ever be faced with having to choose between medical care and feeding their family. I am determined to make sure no Texan will have to face that decision again. Our health and the health of our children and our families should never be up for debate.

I believe that all Texans deserve equal access to the full range of reproductive health care. Medical decisions should be made between a person and their doctor, free from government interference. My commitment is to fight for a healthier future and that starts at home in District 126.

Creating Jobs and Economic Opportunity

In my current role as deputy executive director at Hawes Hill & Associates, I help local businesses and nonprofits conceptualize and implement projects to improve the lives of our neighbors, and make our community a safer, more beautiful, and more prosperous place to live.

I commit to bringing this philosophy to work as your representative. Attracting and keeping good jobs should be a top priority for the Texas Legislature, and no Texan should be living in poverty. Local businesses that care about the health and sustainability of our community help us grow the middle class. Texas leaders must create the right environment for businesses to thrive, and to attract better jobs that provide hard-working individuals and families with the opportunity to earn a living wage.

Supporting Our Teachers and Children

My parents taught me the path to success starts with an education, values which I strive to instill in my own children.

Our state and country cannot succeed without an educated citizenry. I will support our public schools and educators by ensuring the Texas school system is properly funded – equitably and adequately. I commit to listening to our teachers, administrators, and parents to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible.

I am a strong supporter of career training programs, like those already offered in many of our high schools, that help students develop the real-world skills they need for success. All children and young adults – whether or not they are college-bound – should have the same access to these tools within our public school systems. I will work in the legislature to make sure these quality programs continue to be available.

Minimizing Future Flood Damage

Too many of our neighbors are still rebuilding from the flood damage inflicted on our homes and businesses by Hurricane Harvey three years ago. We will inevitably face extreme weather again and must act now to protect our community from further destruction. I’ll work to implement mitigation policies to reduce the damage caused when extreme weather events hit and make sure we’re prepared to aid neighbors in need when it does.

I will work with partners at the local, state, and federal levels to update our flood map to more accurately represent our district. Future developments must be built with sustainability and resilience in mind, which is why I oppose development along the floodplain. I’ll fight to improve our infrastructure, including working to bring the reservoir into District 126. Climate change and its effects on our health and safety are real – we must be proactive rather than reactive when dealing with these serious threats to our community.

Fighting For Racial & Social Justice

Let me say it unequivocally: Black lives matter. George Floyd was a son of Houston, and his murder and similar acts of violence by police officers against Black Americans are indicative of a structural problem that must be corrected. 

I stand with protestors who put themselves on the line to send a message to people in power. I stand with citizens who advocate for more equitable economic opportunity. I stand with everyone who fights for relationship building and inclusion. It’s critical that we elect leaders who are willing and capable of listening, and are ready to enact the big, ambitious changes that are long overdue.

Standing Up For Women’s Rights

Women must have a voice in the policies that impact us every day. Health care, the right to make decisions affecting our bodies, childcare, and equal pay for equal work – these are all issues that cannot and should not be debated and decided without female representation. 

Unfortunately, decisions affecting women are currently being made without us having a say. We cannot allow our rights to be eroded or ignored. As your representative, I will commit to fighting to achieve full equality for women in whatever path they choose.

Advocating For Our Veterans

My husband Mark is an Air Force veteran. I know how important it is to respect and defend those who stepped up to serve our country. I promise to fight for jobs that are tailored to our returning military men and women. I commit to listening to their needs and making sure they have a voice and advocate on their side as they rejoin our communities and continue to serve at home.

Working to Keep Our Neighborhoods Safe

As your representative, I commit to working hand-in-hand with law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe. It’s critical that police officers are provided with the resources to protect all of our citizens, including deescalation and anti-bias training. We must also fund mental health, addiction, and social service programs to relieve the burden on police and allow officers to focus on reducing crime.

I have worked in partnership with the Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Department, HCCP4, and the Office of the Harris County Attorney, and I pledge to ensure that our officers and emergency response teams are appropriately funded and that their voices are heard at the Capitol. I personally know the value they bring to our area. With my existing networks, I’ll ensure we receive the attention needed to keep District 126 families safe and secure.

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